Brand Logo Design - Creative Brief

1. Tips on How to Choose a Great Brand Name

Remember key points – easy to remember and spell, not too complex and suits the niche/category you are selling under but is still generic enough to possibly sell multiple products under it.  

Check out this great video talking about how to choose a catchy on-niche brand name for your new amazon brand.

2. Have you Checked Brand Name is Available to be Used?

We suggest the following:

Visit to search for the name and check it has not been trademarked in the US already.

Google the name and search if anyone else is referring to or using the brand name.

Visit and search for the brand name like you would be searching for a product to see if there are any other sellers selling under that name.

Go to and see if the domain name is available.  If it is then we normally suggest you purchase the domain name to add to your ‘brand assets” in case you want to sell your brand in the future.  If someone has already taken it but is not selling a similar product then that can still mean you can go ahead with the name, you just may have to purchase a .net or other extension.

3. Let's Get Inspired!

Click on this Pinterest page to find ideas for the look and feel you want for your brand and include the links of ones you like in the form when you fill it out.

Fill in this form - press send and we will get started on designing your new logo straight away!

Include a strapline if you have one
Is there a website or other social media channels where I can learn more about you/your business?
Provide links and descriptions of your competitor’s listings and explain how you are different from them
What should people feel when they see or think of your brand?
eg: grounded, modern, vintage, eco-friendly, premium, minimalist, botanical, earthy, artisan
eg: calm, authoritative, fun, sassy, humorous?
Please website links of any logos you like here from the AMZ Brandbuilders Pinterest mood boards we have provided – or your own ones, as well as outline any colours you would like to explore or avoid.
If so, please list here or include links to examples